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Days 211 to 216 – Just a lizard in the desert and some really cool art!

Written by Wayne

The last few days have been odd for me, slowing down is still not my strong point. Tuesday I drove back out to Borrego Springs to photograph the amazing sculptures by artist Ricardo Breceda. Some are the size of a child and some are incredibly huge and complex. They are placed among the desert that surrounds Borrego Spings and are so cool to see and find. They’ve made it easy for people to drive right up to each one.


These are some Burning Man “style” art that I seriously needed to see. I shot them during the day and stayed for a few night shots but soon realized that over the years of moving and not shooting much night stuff I’ve lost most of my colored gels I used to use in light painting.
That aside I still had fun and am now on the hunt for some old used gels from the days of big theatre and concert lighting cans.

Wednesday and yesterday were “pitter-patter” days. However the wind was crazy through Wednesday night into yesterday so a lot of time was spent inside. I gave the solar panels a wipe down which helped with my incoming power, fixed a few small things in the trailer but my slowly deteriorating work desk remains a mystery. I can only assume it’s too much weight in the very front which is pulling the desk apart and pushing down on the outer skin of the trailer, making it buckle. Fun times ahead I’m sure.

I’ve also been trying to learn more about time lapse photography and creating videos from shots taken with my DSLR cameras. There’s a lot more to it than I initially thought, which I guess is why everyone isn’t doing it. Of course, the GoPro does them and renders them out via it’s crappy software which are great for driving lapses etc but I’m trying to up my game with better “photo like” creations. Anyway, being here off grid, camped for free has been nice in that it allows me to focus on learning new things. As much as I feel like I need the routine of drive, shoot, edit, post, there was a plan to also take time and learn new things. Much of that has taken a bit of a back seat most days so far.

So I’m just chilling out here in the desert. I’m still not used to the sun setting at 4:30pm but oh well. Part of the seasons. I’m just ecstatic that I’ve escaped any form of a Canadian winter so far. On that note I’ll say good day. Hope you’re all well and have a great weekend wherever you are.

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