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Day 228 – Re-exploring the Salton Sea

Written by Wayne

I left my spot outside of Joshua Tree National Park a few days back and drove south, just a little bit. I found a free place (limited to 7 days) here in the Wister Wildlife Refuge. It was a perfect spot allowing me to unhitch and get out and re-explore the areas around the Salton Sea that I’ve seen before but wanted to re-visit while putting on way less miles than if I was still camped up by Joshua Tree. I’ve caught two amazing sunsets, revisited my favourite dead trees and explored Bombay beach and Salvation Mountain again. Watch for lots of photos and video coming, as soon as I get caught up. I have a couple more videos to upload but can’t use my phone data for those (which is what I often for these text based posts).

Tomorrow I start making my way south the Highway 8 with a stop in Brawley California for some supplies, do some laundry and hopefully find a shower. With any luck I’ll also find some decent wifi and upload the next two videos. After that it’s East towards Yuma where I have a spot figured out to unhitch and some snowbird friends to meet up with again.

Tonight is being spent dumping all the photos ad video I shot over the last three days and getting it all imported and organized. Exciting times here tonight.

That’s about it for now. Thanks for following along. Lots more coming soon!




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