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Day 234 – Fortuna Pond Arizona

Written by Wayne

I left my gravel spot in the Wister Wildlife Area and made my way into Arizona a few days ago. With info about a nice little spot to stay for free provided by some new friends I met back in May I have made my home base just outside of Yuma Arizona. The area is a smallish spot off the beaten path called Fortuna Pond. It is in fact a pond/small lake with fish and many birds…. AND TURTLES!

I’ve been here a few nights and it’s amazing. Meeting new like minded people and having a nice time just relaxing around a camp fire with them and my friends Joan and Peter after doing some editing in the day time. I haven’t explored much yet as I’ve been busy with other business related things. More on that soon, once it’s finalized.

I have a goal of capturing the elusive aforementioned turtle but he’s pretty skittish, this while take some stealthiness on my part and perhaps my camera on a tripod and my remote trigger. I will snap him.

I plan to be here for awhile but may do some overnight trips in the truck. I still have to map those out yet and see what’s feasible. Gas is much cheaper here than in California so that’s a bonus.

So I’ll be here a while. Internet is a bit of a challenge but I’ll try to update here as much as possible.

Until next time, Cheers!



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