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Day 236 – Good Days, and Really Good Days

Written by Wayne

So I somewhat eluded to a little bit of business I had in the works over the last couple of weeks and today it finally concluded, IE: the money was in the bank. I don’t like to talk about things that are happening or about to happen as sometimes they go sideways or dissolve and I end up looking like an idiot. So until they’re completed I tend not to “count my chickens”.

Well I logged into my online banking and the wire transfer has cleared. I have officially, finally made my first sale since beginning this trip. That said, it was a substantial one. A one time print licensing deal that puts some money back into my budget, enough to cover my vehicle insurance that will be due in April and add a couple more months to this adventure sans any unforeseen expenses popping up.

When I saw that it had gone through this morning I had a thought pop into my head, “today’s a good day”. This immediately got me thinking about my personal “grading curve” of my days. What makes a good day? What makes a bad day? I soon realized that I have not had a bad day in long time. Especially not since I left on this adventure. Sure I’ve had trying days. Having a girl back into my truck in Alberta wasn’t particularly a fun day. Riding out a severe wind and rain storm during May long weekend wasn’t exactly a day at the park but not a “bad day”. Pondering these past seven and a half months reminded me of another realization I had a couple months back that still stands today. I have not been angry, for any reason since starting this adventure. I’ve had frustrating moments here and there but nothing that made me actually angry or could be filed into the category of a “bad day”.

So what made today such a good day? Was it the extra money I sudden had access to? Perhaps there is a little bit of joy in that but it’s more about what the money represents than the actual money itself. Yes, I can add a couple more months to this adventure which is also part of the goal OF this adventure, to reach the point that it sustains itself and I can keep going. So that’s a definite win but it’s also more than that. It represents the fact that in a business office in BC they will soon be hanging 12 pieces of my work, some very large, for many people to see. I’ve been validated in a way, proving that my work has value and I’m not completely off my rocker in thinking such things. So yeah, it was an exceptionally good day.

To be honest though, they’ve all been good days through this past 7.5 months. I’m out here doing the work I want to be doing, learning more and more and hopefully growing as an photographer as the days go by. I’m blessed in so many ways. Out here is where I found a woman that loves me for who I am and what I’m doing, even though we physically can’t be together right now I know she’s 100% beside me at every moment. I’m currently in a nice warm, sunny climate surrounded by various likeminded people who know what I’m trying to do and also share in the special connection of a more free lifestyle of travel and adventure. Most are older than me in age so I get to learn things from them daily. It’s amazing.

So yes, today was a good day. Yesterday was a good day, tomorrow, providing I don’t drop dead will be a good day. I’m a blessed and happy guy who is simply grateful for the chance to do what I’ve been dreaming of for over 5 years.

Thank you for reading and following along.

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