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Day 281 – Slowing down in the Desert… Sort of.

Written by Wayne

So firstly, Happy New Year everyone!

I guess it’s safe to say that I’ve adapted a bit of a “Snow Bird” mode these past few weeks. I’ve been hanging around in the desert with other more snow bird minded people. People who have no desire to move around a lot, enjoying the relaxing slow moving days, desert sunsets and semi regular nights around the campfire, unless the wind is up.

Except, that I’m still me and still have to put in the work to hopefully keep this adventure and my photography moving forward. I’ve recently spent a day at a private museum/collection of antique and rusty automobiles that so far is the largest I’ve seen saved by one man. The Cloud Museum outside of Yuma will be featured here and in a video coming soon.

Before that I spent an afternoon shooting a lovely lady in the Imperial Dunes, we got a LOT of epic shots. Of course with that comes a LOT of editing. So some days I edit, some days I drive and explore. Some days are dedicated to coming into town to find wifi and get some of my online work done, and FaceTime with my girlfriend.

There are some new changes coming my way as my girlfriend LaDonna and I want to continue on the road together. Neither of us want much downtime. This of course might be dictated by our budget but we’re both working towards a summer start to a new chapter together.

February and March will see me making my way back North into Canada. I have to be across the border by the end of March and then we will start planning for the next chapter. I’ll still be making photos and videos as I travel back so there will be lots more coming.

I’ve found my place in the world once again. I and now “we” simply have to figure out the means to which sustain it. Like everything so far, it will be a learning adventure of which I’ll share.

Hope everyone’s 2017 is off to a grand start. Thanks for following and reading.

Much Love,



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