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The Amazingly Historic Town of Lowell, Arizona!

While driving into Bisbee Arizona we discovered something very unexpected, the remaining main street of Lowell Arizona, Erie street is a few blocks that have been frozen in time. Looking like a movie set with old cars parked in front of older buildings, some restored operating storefronts and some closed. But almost all of them are still something to see. I spent about 3 hours there with my cameras, going back and forth. What an amazing place for photographers and old time enthusiasts alike.

*Note: this is a re-uploaded version as the first render of this had some glitches that were hard to watch. Thanks to all that still commented on the original.

Wayne On The Road EP077

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  • Thank you for those great shots of old cars and buildings in Lowell. I love Bisbee and will have to check this out too. I found your business card at Three Points General Store ( Three Points, AZ). Don’t know if you went in the store, but that is where I work. Lots more to check out so thanks again and safe travels!

    • Hello Cathy! Thanks for checking out the website and the videos after finding my card. I tend to leave them on bulletin boards that I find in my travels. Not sure if I went into the store or not. If I’m back in that area I’ll stop in. 🙂

  • Awesome pictures. Of all the times we’ve driven through Lowell, I think you captured more than we’ve ever seen! There are quite a few more vehicles lining the street than typical over the winter time. Did you eat at the Bisbee Breakfast Club? Awesome breakfasts there! During Bisbee’s mining days, there were several communities now all considered part of Bisbee – Lowell, Tintown, South Bisbee, Warren, San Jose – each location was a class of people – maybe immigrants or less well to do, etc. Across the highway from Lowell is an old RV park with antique RVs that are still for rent. We spend part of our winters in Naco, about 10 mins south right on the border. It’s a golf & RV.

    • Thanks for watching Lorraine. We’ll have to check out a few of those other places next time. I really loved Lowell it was a fun stop but we didn’t check out the breakfast place, NEXT TIME! 🙂

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