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Bad Blogger – No Update for You!

Wow, I finally got around to getting myself together for an update.

It’s been a crazy summer, both in good ways and not so good ways. Some things in my life have changed and are about to change. Again, both good and bad. I’m a single guy again. Been on my own since July as LaDonna and I have parted ways. We tried, we couldn’t keep it together, we’ve both moved on. It’s not something I want to get into, we’ve agreed to keep it private.

I’ve been in Nova Scotia Canada since May. Came here to reset some finances but more importantly to visit with my sister, her beau, my niece and my nephew. It’s been a good time here but I’m getting restless to get going again. By the time it starts to get cold here however I’ll be on the road again. Have to outrun winter and get south again for some sun and more photography. It’s my mission to get back to the reason I started this whole lifestyle and that finding, waiting for and shooting the photos that I see in my head. So here’s a little update video with more information.

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