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Fotos Forward

Fotos Forward is a project I started and launched in late 2014. With a simple application telling me what some creative photography would mean to them and a little about their situation, people can book me. Because the project will be traveling with me there is a where/when quotient to it. People should follow to see where I am and where I’m heading to know when to send in their applications. The project in no way intends to take away paying work from local photographers as this project is intended for those with limited financial means, limited mobility and those in smaller and more remote locations. Because I like to explore roads less traveled I figured this would be a great way to meet and learn about people in smaller communities as well as major cities.

The project can be followed here: Website | Facebook | Twitter

Waynerd’s Burner Portraits

This is my Burning Man Festival project. The culture at Burning Man is one of gifting. There is nothing sold, bought or traded there. Gifting is about giving something to or doing something for your community with no expectations of something in return. For the one week in the Nevada desert that community is a temporary city built by its participants. A city that holds music, art, workshops, etc. Since 2012 I have been taking my makeshift “Portrait Cart” out to the desert, taking portrait photos of anyone that wants one. Later editing them and gifting them back to those people via the website once we are all back home. The love and gratitude I’ve received from this small idea is the direct and absolute inspiration behind Fotos Forward.

See the portraits here: Website

Personal Vacation Photographer

This is an idea that came to me while out for a lunchtime walk from a job I had in Vancouver’s Gastown District. While passing the cruise ship terminal I pondered if anyone would ever pay a professional photographer to accompany them on a vacation in order to capture the memories professionally. Freeing up the client to just enjoy the moments and not worry about lugging around their own camera. After researching the idea I found that aside from one other fellow that asked about the idea in an online forum (and the naysayers) there was no mention of such a thing. Since I have a background in web design I spent and afternoon, registered the domain name and launched the service. I simply decided to just “throw it out there” to see what happens. Not a lot has happened but it is slowly becoming a thing. So one day I may get a call or email and be off to get the best shots a vacationing couple/family/person has ever seen.

I figure I can literally take a client at anytime and leave from anywhere so this could be a great side step from the road trip if it were to start happening.

The Project can be followed here: Website | Facebook Twitter


A new idea I’m working on. Watch for it soon.


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