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  • Gorgeous Pictures! I somehow stumbled on your profile on P of F and saw your web address. Glad I checked it out. I want to do this kind of trip one day.

  • i found ur card in a covered bridge near st martins nb i was wondering why there was no picures posted of the 3 bridges in that area. did you know that this is the only place in canada and maybe north america that you can get 2 covered bridges in 1 photo. thank you for the great pictures you have posted

    • Hey Brad. I’ve lost most of the shots I took on my trip due to dropping an external hard drive. I guess I have to do the trip again one day.

  • Wayne, I was on a little roadtrip myself this last week. Me and my husband drove from Abbtosford to Edmonton. We stopped off in Calgary at a Starbucks, where I found your business card. I picked it up with interest! (Hey! He’s from Vancouver, and he’s on a photography roadtrip – i’ve always wanted to do that….) Anyway, we just got back several days ago, and I finally checked out your site today (I just came accross your businesscard again), only to find that you finished your trip! We would have been in the Calgary area the same time you were there. I am a photographer myself, and I really enjoyed looking through your pictures. Well done! Will there be another trip like this in the future?

    • Hello Birgit.
      Thanks you for taking the time to check out my little blog. I love when someone finds a card and comes here to say hello. It’s awesome. I’m home now, but will be looking into where to go next. Eventually, someday, I hope to DRIVE to and through South America. I think that would be awesome!!

      Anyway, thanks again and all the best,

  • Hi Wayne,
    I checked out your site as you recommended on another site which will remain nameless. Sorry if that’s a big cryptic but you can e-mail me if you like to get the details.
    I am awestruck! Your pictures are so beautiful. I drove across Canada with my dog in 1991, moving to Vancouver from Toronto and your shots bring back so many memories. You have captured the beauty and uniqueness of our country…with such creativity. THANK YOU!
    If you are still in Ontario…I hope you and your camera are staying warm. I have a friend visiting there who is freezing her #@!*’s off.
    Looking forward to checking out more as you head back west.

  • Stumbled on your blog from an e-newspaper/google alert and I’m glad I did. I am in love with your photos and look forward to watching your journey back west. Safe trip.

    Regards, from Port Moody

    • Hey Sandra! That’s cool, I’m curious to know where the link was. Thank you for the kind words on my photos. I wish I could add more but my time for editing them and getting them uploaded is at a minimum as I don’t get a room every night and have. Usually just a quick update from the truck.

      Thanks for stopping by! πŸ™‚

  • Hey, you made it to the other side. How cool is that.
    We all miss you back here, and Tanya keeps asking me to get you over here for the hockey game.
    The beer’s chillin’.

    ps: your brother burnt down the building.

    • You made me laugh and miss you guys even more. Once I get to Cape Spear I’ll consider that half way and turn around. That is the most Eastern part of Canada. There will still be some good hockey on when I get back and I’ll be sure to park myself on your couch for it, after all, by the sounds of it I’ll be staying in your spare room now. πŸ˜‰

      Love you guys and miss everyone muchly.

  • Hello Wayne,
    Just a message from the gent (Ton) from the Wreck Cove General Store.
    Like your picture, hope the ones from Cape Breton. Next time in coffee’s on me.
    Good luck.

    • Hey Ton, Nice to get your name. I should have asked when I was there. Thanks for stopping by my little blog here. As for photos there will be so many more one day. Seems I’ve been taking way more than I have time to edit and post. Once I’m home there will be a post about them and where to see all the shots I’ve taken.


  • Laurie’s Autobody 02 is sensational! Of course, I love the head shot of the Yak. Where did you find them? And your shot of the stacked lobster traps, FABULOUS! It reminds me of one I took in Naramata of a bunch of wine barrels carefully stacked outside one of the wineries I went to.

    Keep doing what you’re doing Wayne πŸ™‚

    • Hey Nance,
      Laurie’s Autobody was in Ottawa just as I rolled in that night. The lobster traps I found in a section of an old barn that I stopped for. I have a knack of finding better shots whilst taking the original ones I initially stopped for.

  • Loving some of these new shots and imagining them in my house!! Can’t wait to see what you have to sell us at the end of your journey- you are so very talented!

  • I watch for new pics here daily. I’m excited to see what you post next. A big smile came across my face when I saw the Hula Girl πŸ˜‰ Then there were the pics of your truck on the prairies. They actually made me miss home.

    Well done love!

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