Sponsorship and Advertising Opportunities

I’m looking for companies interested in a unique sponsorship/advertising opportunity that I think would be an asset to the right company. I feel there’s a good marketing opportunity here starting with the potential to have your logo/brand/slogan pasted on a vehicle that is traveling around North America. I’ve been adventuring all over North American since early 2016. Driving a 2006 Chevy Silverado and living out of a 5th Wheel Travel Trailer as I zig zag North to South. Through Canada and The United States. I will be taking my time photographing as much as I can find and see, both within cities and rural areas, National Parks, attractions and even some events as they happen within my direction and schedule. I currently have no plans to stop, so the potential for your brand to be seen by many eyes is huge.

But that’s not all!

(1). In support of the traveling vehicle I also have this travel blog which I write and post photos to regularly as well as video entries (also posted to You Tube). There is also room on this blog and within the videos for your brand and advertising depending on what we negotiate. The videos can be brought to the public by YOU? In addition to promoting my travel posts through the standard social networking avenues I also have an online portfolio/store that has some additional space for potential advertising.

(2.) I’m also taking with me a “pay it forward” photography project which is very close to my heart and has the potential to “go viral”. I’ll be gifting creative photography sessions and final photos to people and families that may not have the means to hire someone like me to do fun creative shoots. This will be another opportunity to have your branding on that website and associated with an awesome charitable project. Fotos Forward has been launched locally here and will hit the the road with me in August.

As I travel through various towns and cities and as I build momentum I plan to notify radio and TV stations about Fotos Forward,  my journey and share the story behind it all. I hope to land a few media spots like the Weather Channel piece I did on my first trip while I travel. If I have a sponsor on board with me I’ll definitely be plugging your brand as I speak of the trip.

One other small thing I do to promote my blog and my journey is that I leave business cards in various places I visit or stop. People have contacted me from all over because they have found a card and are curious. If money allows I’m also considering making t-shirts as give-aways to promote Fotos Forward, your logo could be on these as well. The ideas are endless and I’m sure an excitable marketing team may have even more ideas which I’m also open to.

I’m just looking to rent out some advertising space, pad my travel budget and promote a good company while I live a dream traveling and photographing this continent while giving back photography to those less fortunate. If all goes well the same type of trips will be planned abroad for later years.

If you’re inquiring about advertising blocks or guest posts on this site please see below.

Advertising Blocks:
  •  Top Header Banner Ad: $80 USD per month
  • 125×125 Above the fold Sidebar Ad: $40 USD per month
  • 125×125 Below the fold Sidebar Ad: $20 USD per month
  • 300×250 Above the fold Sidebar Ad: $60 USD per month
  • 300×250 Below the fold Sidebar Ad: $35 USD per month

All ads must be paid in advance. Ads to be provided by you as a jpg, gif or png in the proper size. I’m also willing to design your ad for you at a $50 additional charge.

Guest Blog/Posts:
  • Written by you, up to 500 words containing maximum of two links to open in a new window. Will be posted in Resources or Paid Adverts category depending on content.  Any and all images/photos used in the post MUST be cleared, properly licensed with photographer credit. If I get a notice otherwise at any point, your post will be deleted completely without notice or refund. – $120 USD
  • Written by me, up to 500 words containing maximum of two links to open in a new window.  Will be featured for one month and posted in Resources or Paid Adverts category depending on content. Any and all images/photos to be used in the post MUST be cleared, properly licensed with photographer credit supplied. If I get a notice otherwise at any point, your post will be deleted completely without notice or refund. Licensing my images to use in your post is also an option at an additional charge to be negotiated.  – $250 USD




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