The Cards

Some of you may have happened across my site here because of a card I’ve left somewhere. This was my way of hopefully getting people interested in my journey. I’ve been leaving those cards in places I’ve stopped, visited and seen. If you found one and are here reading this, please register and say hello. Let me know where it was you found the card. Perhaps next time through we can have coffee and you can tell me about all the cool places to photograph near you.


  • Wayne – Found your card while visiting Fort Steele this weekend. I was intrigued … I spent 4 weeks on the road through much of the Western US during a solo roadtrip much like yours. 48 rolls of 35mm film later – I returned home. The road is an amazing place to be and a great way to get your head screwed on straight. If you’d like to share a coffee and talk about your plans for some of the US, let me know. I’d be happy to share what I experienced!

    Travel safe …

    • Hey Doug thanks for dropping me a line. I too LOVE the road. So much so I’m hoping to have an extended trip starting later this summer. Where are you from? Drop me an email if you like.

  • Good Evening, Today (May 1, 2010) We were out for a drive in the Saint John/ St. Martins, New Brunswick area. When we stopped at the Tynemouth Creek Covered Bridge and found your card. We left the card placed in the beam of the bridge (Where we found it) for the next visitors to find.

    The trip you are (Were) doing sounds like a lot of fun and a great idea.

    • I was wondering. And the funny thing is I don’t remember going into the ladies, unless it was isolated and I figured I’d just leave a card there too. My life is a blur, lol.

  • Hey Wayne,

    Found your card along HWY 69 South, at an outside reststop along Recollet Falls, French River, Ontario. I was leaving Sudbury on my way to Toronto and had always wanted to pull over there, as they’ve put up a new walking bridge. I took the snowy trail looking for the bridge but ended up walking almost 3km through the snow to the falls. I had my Canon Rebel XT in hand and was incredibly elated upon discovering the beautiful moving waters. I stayed for almost an hour. Once heading back to the car, I decided to relieve myself in one of the four outdoor washrooms. As I said, I found your card lodged in the wall of the outdoor toilet. You’ve captured some amazing photos! Question: How do you get such great looking HDRs? I can’t seem to make it work for me. What software are you using. Please advise!!! Safe and happy travels home you brave and inspiring soul!!!
    Peace and Love.


  • Wayne – my wife caught your card at a Tim Hortons in Stettler Alberta. We were on the back back to Edmonton from a quick road trip to Drumheller. Camera in hand and on the road is a hell of a way to spend some time. Hope I can do the same one day – but the two kids will likely say no for the next few years. Some great stuff in your galleries. Keep on truckin man — no time like the present!

    • Thanks Greg!
      Welcome to my little blog and thanks for stopping by. It’s been a blast of a trip and I recommend it to everyone. If I can do it through the winter anyone can do it in the warmer seasons for sure. I know one day I’m going to do it again as It’s just too big of a country to see it all.

      Cheers and all the best to you and yours,

  • Hey! I found your card yesterday in Meadow Lake, Sk. at the Extra Foods gas bar! Being a photographer (although only a novice one, nothing campared to you!) myself I wished I had my camera with me so I could take a picture of your card hanging out on top of the gas pump, I took one with my cell phone instead 🙂
    I love and admire what you are doing! There is so many amazing people and places to catch through photography. Enjoy the journey Wayne!

    • Right on Joni! I’ve been waiting for one of the “gas pump” cards to get noticed. Thanks for stopping by and all the kind words. This trip has been an amazing experience and I recommend it to everyone. I got to spend some of afternoon today with four large beautiful moose in a snow covered field. That alone made the trip worthwhile.

      Anyway, thanks again and say hello anytime.

  • Wayne, I found your card in a Tim Horton’s in Perth Andover, New Brunswick. You are doing such an enormous and creative thing! You’re photographs are absolutely gorgeous.

    • Thank you Brittany! Both for the kind words and for stopping by and checking out my little corner of the web. I’m having a blast out here and got some great images from New Brunswick as well as the rest of this country that we live in.

      I’m happy to have caught your curiosity.

  • Hi Wayne! I don’t have a card, but your sister told me to check out your website. I can see why she’s very proud of you. Your pictures are amazing!

  • found your card today in gander and just thought that i’d drop a note to say what a great idea you have here.. also a few good places to check out here on the rock are frederickton(there is an old, rusted ship in the harbour),lumsden beaches, just to name a few.

    • Thanks Jeanette and welcome to my little corner of the net. I’ll definitely try to get to Fredrickton although the size of this province is a surprise and killing my gas budget. I’m checking out Cape Spear tomorrow then working my way back to Port-aux Basque with as many detours as I can afford. 🙂

  • also an employee of java moose! unfortunately I missed your visit, and found the card on the bulletin board today and leah told me you were there the day before. 🙂
    happy travels!

    • Hey Jen!! Thanks for dropping by. I was hanging around for most of the day that day. Sorry I missed ya! I’ll try to stop in if I’m down that way on my way back home next year. 🙂

  • Hey! It’s the girl from Java Moose!! Very loverly pictures! you are an awesome photographer for sure. It was nice chatting with you!


  • Hey Wayne! It was a pleasure to meet you on Sunday (Nov 15th)in Rosseau by the Rosseau River. I have had a quick look at the pictures you have up so far and they are amazing! Looking forward to seeing more 🙂 I also checked out your photography website…stunning!


  • Today is Nov.10/09, and I found your card in the Atherley Laundry& Dry Cleaners, which is in Orillia,Ont. Just wanted to say how grand this journey must be for you… Enjoy yourself!!! Your pictures are wonderful. Thank you for sharing.

    • Thanks so much for checking out my little blog and saying hello Dawn. I was actually chatting with the proprietor of that laundromat (Larry, I think) about cross Canada travels. It was a pleasant morning. Cheers and all the best,

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