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I’m simply a traveling full-time RV’er who travels as much around North America with my rescue dog Rollins as much as I can. I do this mainly for my photography but also to show the world what I see and the places that I experience via my videos. I work remotely full-time still which can take me away from these things sometimes but I try to carve out the time to keep everyone updated.

This is my ongoing portal to almost everything I’m doing.  A way to find everything in one place. My YouTube video content, my journal entries as well as some photography galleries, travel stats and all the RV and travel related goodies. 

Thanks for coming by, I hope you find some value in what I do and enjoy your time here,



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See some of the many photos I've taken throught my years on the road.

One of the main reasons I'm Out Here

I wanted to see something new as often as possible to capture and document.
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For this current adventure I started a YouTube channel to bring you along.

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My blog posts all in one place as I try and carve out the time for more writing.

My more personal take on Road Life

I used to write a lot more, back before I started making the videos.
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