This page is for all who have helped out in any way possible. Below are the small companies and individuals that have helped out the cause so far, keeping me going and for that I’m extremely grateful. Some don’t have links to link back to, but some do and you’ll find everyone listed below. Please visit their websites!

Thank-you all so much!

Alec & Jes Von Henke

Iain Godsman & Joanne Downey

Nancy Morrison at Nancy Under The Stars

Bradley Pedwell

Selena Murillo

Richard Olejnik

Jamie Rogers

Tammy Solecki

Teresa Vancise

Cheryl Broadhead from Bob’s Your Uncle Design

My new friend Vanessa donated on behalf of her brother’s band The Vehicle. Check them out!

Hayley Sinclair

Olivia Craver

Madeleine Morrison, Check out her awesome hand made jewelry at My Creative Madness

Rob Kurtzrieter

3PD: an XPOLogistics Company – 1851 W Oak Pkwy #100 Marietta, GA 30062

Kevin Bosch a.k.a Hot Carl

I’d also like put a huge thanks out to all those who stepped after I unavoidably and regrettably hit a deer in California in 2012 after my first Burning Man. While stranded waiting to get my truck repaired you guys were life savers, all of you.


  • I’m in St. John’s. I drove all over Canada 10 years ago. It is an awesome country to say the least. This is an amazing tool to make contacts, that wasn’t available to me at that time. Let me know if you make it this far. I’d be happy to show you some points of interest.

    • Hey Shari! I was in St John’s a while ago. Made it all the way to Cape Spear. I love the area and will be back one day for more photos.

      Stay warm, and thanks for the note. 🙂

  • I don’t want you to run short just before you get there. I am off on my own adventure this Wednesday. I leave bright and early, which I am not used to anymore, get on a plane and head up to Inuvik. I am hoping for a very successful craft sale and a wonderful visit with my brother and niece.

    Take care Wayne. I am in awe of every moment you share with us.


    • I’m doing great Madeleine! Have the most awesome time in Inuvik and all the best for lots of sales. You’ll do great. I’m about to edit some shots now, get a few more on here as it’s been awhile.

    • Madeleine!! I didn’t realize that you made another donation. You are way too good to me. Thank you so very much. All the best on your trip up North, I know you’ll do great!

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