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Rollins The Wanderdog

The BEST Dog Ever!

So back in 2018, while I was out in Eastern Canada visiting my sister and her family for the summer and regrouping my previous partner (who had a dog) and I broke up. As I was deciding how to continue (do I get a different rig, something smaller etc), my sister and my niece started telling me I should get a dog. I didn’t want a dog, or so I thought. Eventually, after them sending me links to local Nova Scotia and New Brunswick shelters and rescues I cracked and started looking.

Then I saw this guy. he was literally the first dog I saw, the first I looked at his pictures. In hindsight it’s like “something” put him first, right in front of my face and said “THIS ONE!”. I did look deeper, looked at other dogs profiles etc. I then had a list of about 5 dogs and contacted the rescue to ask a few questions about them based on my lifestyle and other factors, looking for the best fit. Well all 5 probably would have been compatible but I kept coming back to one. The first one. 

Eventually I went through the process and he was on his way to me. Now when I say he was on his way it’s like this. The New Brunswick rescue’s Facebook page is where I first saw his photos, but he was not in Canada. They partner with a rescue out of nowhere other than TEXAS, Anna’s Angels and they had a transport van that was coming to the Canadian border twice a month loaded with dogs adopted by Canadians. While he was on his way I reached out to his faster momma Cindy to see if there was anything I needed to know. She thought he might be a chewer, told me what food he was on and also told me that he was an HOUR away from being put down when she broke her own rule of only one foster dog at a time and saved him. I am so so very thankful she did.

So one late September night my niece Emma and I made the 6 hour round trip drive from Springhill Nova Scotia to the St. Stephens border crossing in New Brunswick to pick up my boy and I will honestly say, my life has improved 10 fold since.

He has turned out to be an amazing, smart, independent yet loving creature and my best friend. From day one he never had any issues. Has never had an accident, has never chewed or even touched anything he’s not supposed, he’s good in the truck, he’s calm and relaxed on his lead outside (unless someone approaches, he lets me know), he doesn’t bark much at all, he’s good being alone in the trailer if need be, he’s good with other dogs and despite being initially “protective of dad” he’s good around people. He’s made so many friends who love him and whom he loves to see.

I work with him a little (in my limited capacity) to curb things like jumping up, etc but we’re always working on improving things. He’s pretty independent but also knows that he can’t go away from home too far when allowed outside off-lead. Sometimes his recall is a little lacking and I have to use my “dad is pissed” voice but overall I really have no complaints, none.

I tell people all the time that I won the dog lottery. I have the best dog (says everyone with a dog, and we’re all right).

As I write this in summer of 2024 he’s approaching his 7th birthday in September and he’s still not showing any signs of slowing down. He’s addicted to playing ball. So much so that I’m worried about his joints and muscles into the future and now give him a joint health supplement in hopes that it helps him later on. Maintenance of some sort. When we have the space he will literally demand we play 3 times a day and will take his all back to the trailer when he’s tired, but like many dogs, ready to play again in 15 mins.

Anyway, I wanted to share our story so far. And I encourage anyone who doesn’t have one but thinks they would like a doggo in their life to seriously consider it and if I can be so bold as to say ADOPT ONE! 

Below are a few videos I’ve made about Rollins’ time with me and his life saving rescue. Please check them out and if you can Anna is always in need of funds for the dogs she saves. This woman is amazing!

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